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Solstice Dragon World series

One answer. One question. One Woman. One Dragon. 

Book 1: The Dragon Question

Shennon Trelor for a master arbitrator, and she's on her first trans-kingdom arbitration. The war between Shalla and Welsel has been going for more than 200 years, and nobody seems to know what started it.

Shennon left ahead of the team for the arbitration at High Cadore so she can search the Dragon King's extensive archive for the answer. A mountains storm uses up three of her precious days of research, but that's nothing compared to being mistaken for a Question Girl and dragged before the Dragon King.

The Dragon King needs an answer. He's met with thousands of people of the years. He doesn't remember the question, and neither does anyone else. Worse yet, no one knows the consequences of him getting his answer or not. He has a deadline fast approaching.

Shennon has an arbitration to prepare for, and now the king has decided she is the only one he wants to question every morning. He expects her to find his answer.

Book 2: Dragon Bone Ridge

When Nyle invades Maribelle's nap at Dragon Bone Ridge with a request she locate his missing dragon parts, she thinks it's just a dream, which makes the dragon's offer to stay out of her dreams laughable if she does what he demands.

In the midst of looking for the stolen dragon stones, Maribelle must fend off customers playing matchmaker, figure out who the strange man is that's been watching her father's mercantile and learn the real reason her aunt went mad.

How Nyle came to be a weathered ridge in the high meadow is intriguing enough. Can she find all the pieces before his secrets are revealed or will she find his secrets and doom him forever to be cold stone?

Book 3: Dira's Dragon

If you listen very closely, keep track of every nuance of his word choice, bargaining with a dragon holds no concern.

Keep in mind Solstice Dragons live a very long time, and they don't mind hanging on to an open-ended bargain until they really need to call it in.

Finding herself in the company of a company of dragons should have been eased by knowledge that the Don't Eat Humans clause had been adhered to for more than 1000 years.

When Dira agrees to a bargain with Brundar, a dragon with indifferent interest in her plans to make it through a winter alone on the frozen slopes of the Cadore Mountains, she learns too late that one should always have someone evaluate a binding contract with a dragon.

Standing Stone series
Magic is just a standing stone away. 

Book 1: The Sharded Boy 

A young wielder struggles to recover from the Wielder Wain plague that killed nearly all the magic wielders in Chussan Faire sixteen years ago and crippled him since the day of his birth. 

His family’s poverty provides him with no means to purchase a standing stone and so become the Master Wielder he is certain he can be. Jahl Pratter must master more than the magic essence found in a standing stone but also the pain and limitations caused by his disfigurement. 

His great uncle’s room of Twai’wa Lor could hold the key to achieving his dreams and surviving a second attack by the Wielder Wain, but it will take more than reclaiming his forgotten training.

Book 2: The Shifter Shard

Young wielder Pratter agrees to travel to Carolan Faire to pick up an apprentice whose master died unexpectedly and bring him to the Chussan wielder school. 

It seemed simple enough until he learned that wielders are being attacked, their powers of wielding the magic essence stolen from them. Before he can even get this first night's sleep in the dead master's house, someone enters through locked doors and attacks Jahl's friend Rouen. 

By noon, no one is safe and anyone could be the assailant.

Book 3: The Heart of Lal

Wielder school’s out for the summer, but Jahl, Donya and Rouen can’t seem to get a quiet moment anywhere. 

Jahl’s certain Donya is up to some sort of mischief, and Rouen has received a mysterious package from the young twai wielder they met in Carolan Faire last year. 

Soon the three friends are racing along the Naigan River and from there its one mad dash after another.

Students of Jump series

 (Time Travel: All you need is a backpack and one good friend. 
Note: The friend is not included, usually.)

 Book 1In Times Passed  

An accidental inventor of time travel takes his desire for anonymity back 200 years, but his struggle to live as an average Joe demands he accept the expectations present at his birth and use them to recreate society and put into motion what he jumped into the past to avoid. SAMPLE via

Book 2: No-Time Like the Present 

The abandoned daughter of a time traveler takes her skill of testing prototypes to their breaking point and applies it to a time jumper sent to check on her. Convincing him he must take her forward in time to demand answers from her father is easier than she expected, but finding herself instrumental in revealing what could bring her father peace and forgiveness will test her determination to refuse him a place in her life. SAMPLE via

Book 3Next Time We Meet

Recently trained to travel in time and set to take a honeymoon in the past, an anachronistic building contractor and his quick-witted wife find the leisure life lacks challenge, so they take on locating a missing and notably annoying physitech, placing them in the cross hairs of the kidnapping entity as they jump through time. SAMPLE via


Students of Jump box set, Books 1-3:  
A Jump in Time Makes Three
Word count:  212,000. SAMPLE via
A great buy at $5.99.

More Books in the Students of Jump World
Book 4: That's the Trouble with Time

When a student of jump taking his first solo time traveling assignment meets up with a determined renegade fighting the world government for freedom from oppression, he finds losing his jump unit is just one problem he has to fix, quickly followed by how he can protect his heart from being the next thing he loses, especially when she keeps throwing it back at him. SAMPLE via

Book 5: At Any Given Time

When time traveler Samantha Gorz finds herself stuck in a 17-century Sicilian catacomb filled with preserved friars and other important citizens, she must extend her stay masquerading as a Capuchin brother. Helping the search and retrieval team narrow down where she is in time was a piece of cake compared to dealing with a stalker who thinks she’s horning in on his territory, her custom-engineered lizard companion’s sulky behavior and the S&R jumper who decided to try out his new prototype for her rescue. Though she’s been claiming that teamwork is a pain in the neck, she really wasn’t looking for proof.


The Little Handbook of Narrative Frameworks: for Novel and Short Story

A paperback edition of this book is also available at Amazon.

I see this handbook as useful for teachers of creative writing like myself as well as for writers of fiction or even analyzers of literature, though I don't envision this handbook as up to the level of an academician's resource.  This is definitely just meant to provide an option for writers who don't want the whole run of the thing, but a loose set of bones they can build upon.  A Little Handbook of Narrative Frameworks is what I intended it to be: inspiration and framing for writing popular fiction based on proven plots and devices that create steps that are not just well formed but easily altered with new twists and turns. SAMPLE via

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