Bio of a closet writer

I love reading, though I came to it later than most.  I love writing even more.  When I was in grade school, we moved so often, I seemed to keep changing schools just as the teacher was introducing the good stuff.  Fortunately, I was quickly identified as in need of help and placed in a special one-on-one reading class with an amazing teacher.  I learned quickly and by third grade I was reading well above my grade level and writing all the time. 

I have been a dedicated reader every since and a closet writer.  Seems silly to imagine myself as a person afraid to admit that I love to write stories, poetry and books.  I suppose that is why I teach creative writing to high school students.  I want them to be proud to be writers and to get the chance to grow in their writing.

So what if it is cliche: my reading teachers opened up new worlds for me.  Books hid me from stress, boredom and the frustrations of growing up.  And writing let me make new worlds for myself.  These days, I want to share those worlds with other readers.  So books that I wrote years ago, I have been editing.  I want them to be not only just a world I can visit but also worlds that others will want to visit.  I started with Book 1 in my Students of Jump series, In Times Passed.  Book 2 No-Time Like the Present is also published along with an anthology of short stories and one non-fiction text on narrative frameworks useful to writers.  My third book in the series Students of Jump, Next Time We Meet, was published in late June 2014.  I now have a box set of the first three books of the series on Smashwords. Book 4 That's the Trouble with Time published in October of 2015.

My newest book is a fantasy, The Sharded Boy, which I hope to publish by September 2016. I am quite excited about it as though I have been a reader of fantasy novels since my teen years, I have not written one, until now.

All of my books are available at which distributes to many e-book sources (i.e., Sony, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple,...), but I also separately publish on Amazon.  See my books and projects pages for direct links.

So reading and writing are my twin passions.  This is where I introduce them both to the world.

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