Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Celebration sale for Standing Stone series is running

The beautiful new covers for my Standing Stone fantasy series are up at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, iBooks and Smashwords! I just had to share my excitement!

The prices have been dropped for three days, starting March 13 and running through March 15. The Sharded Boy, book 1 is $1.99. The Shifter Shard and The Heart of Lal are both dropped to $2.99.

 Sharded Boy:  Classic tale of good and evil, and the magic of knowing where you belong. A friend betrays him. The girl hates him. Danger pursues him. Magic makes him.

Here are the links
Barnes and Noble

The covers are by the very talented Loraine van Tonder of www.rynkatryn.com. 

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Something to Celebrate: Covers and their stories

I have been updating my covers on my series lately. I started with my newest series, Solstice Dragon. And the covers came out so lovely that I knew I was going to have to do the same with my other fantasy series Standing Stone.

Ryn Katryn Digital Art did such a lovely job with the three dragon books that I set up another run with Loraine. I can barely wait to show off the new covers! But I am going to wait until the last one is done. I have a special plan for those Standing Stone covers.

But let me tell you about the Solstice Dragon covers and why I am pleased with them. What I love most about the Solstice Dragon covers is that each tells a story; they capture the emotions of the characters. I know all covers should highlight something in the book, but let me explain what I mean.

The Dragon Question:
Here is Shennon looking at Karlyle and he at her. There is this special emotion captured. It's tender, and you know looking at the cover that they want to get through the troubles plaguing his kingdom. Shennon will do all she can to help him, and he trusts her to come through for him. It's all there in the cover, and I love that.

Dragon Bone Ridge:
Maribelle has been charged with finding the stone pieces that have been removed from the stone ridge that is really a dragon who fell asleep during the Summer Solstice. He was trapped in stone when parts of him were removed before he woke up. This cover shows Nyle partially in stone but also visible as a dragon because he comes to Maribelle in her dreams. Seth is falling for Maribelle, but she has so much to accomplish and her own desires that don't necessarily fit with his. That conflict is there on the cover. Nyle wants his release, Maribelle is feeling overwhelmed and Seth must make a decision. It doesn't help that Nyle thinks Seth is a dangerous distraction that could get in the way of his release. It's right there in the cover.

Dira's Dragon:
Dira has made a bargain with a dragon, and Brundar added Zane to the deal. She's not too happy having a warrior for her teacher, but he's growing on her. Zane's keeping his distance because he and dragons don't mix well. And then there's Skrhak, a dragon who's grown rather attached to Dira. They have to save The Bargain that ensures peace between dragons and humans, fulfill Dira's original bargain with Brundar and stop a war before every dragon becomes the enemy. Their connection is in this cover. Her attraction to Zane and his reticence to feel anything for her or dragons is apparent. And there's Skrhak ready to protect her with his life.

I told you earlier I have something planned for the new covers for The Standing Stone series. The story is the real feature of any book, but the covers are the first thing a reader sees. I'm the one excited about the covers. So I want to celebrate in a way that benefits my readers.

Are you wondering what that is? Well, here's the deal, and it is a deal. When all three covers are ready, I'll be uploading them to KOBO, B&N, Amazon, and iBooks.

Hold on, that's not the deal. The deal is I'm going to drop the price on each of the books. The Sharded Boy is currently 2.99. That's a good price. And The Shifter Shard and The Heart of Lal are both 4.99.

Yes, I said price drop. Book 1, The Sharded Boy will be $1.99. The Shifter Shard and The Heart of Lal will both drop to 2.99. That's a deal. It will run from March 13 through March 15, and I'll be announcing it here, on my Facebook page and on Twitter.

Will there be other new covers? I'm thinking about it. My time travel books could use a facelift. I'll keep you posted for any more celebration deals in the future.

Let me know what you think of the new Solstice Dragon covers.

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