Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Stop, drop and research - sometimes you need the answer right now!

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In March, I started a new series. It’s not really a series as each novel can standalone, but they are all set in the same world of the Solstice Dragon. What they have in common is setting, and there is a solstice dragon that is key to each book.

As I’ve been writing them, I’ve had to stop now and then to research. Sometimes the research has required an hour or more of reading and notetaking, such as when I was researching castle building. Other times, I’m searching for a word or term appropriate to the time or I need to know if a certain item or clothing would have been used in the 1700s which is the time period these books are loosely set in, largely just for reference as the world of solstice dragons is a creation not an actual place on known Earth.

So what have been these little items that take a minute or two of sleuthing about the internet? That is what this post is about. Just this week, I have tracked down the following words.

  • What are the three walls that make up the back of a fireplace that keeps the heat from damaging the building called? Firebox.
    Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash
  • Parts of a horse – namely the withers: the high point between the shoulder blades of a horse
  • A particular roof style that has roofing angled on all four sides versus say an A-frame: that’s a hip roof.
  • What is the difference between trousers, pants and breeches? Trousers go to the ankle whereas breeches stop at the knee and are often tied about the waist to keep them up. Pants? Apparently, those reference panties in the time period I’m working with. Definitely don’t need to mention the lady’s undergarments at inappropriate times.

  • Grains – these took a little more time as I was looking into identifying both a grain as well as having a picture to aid in describing it properly.
  • A picture of a stove. There’s a kitchen, so, of course, I needed to get a good impression of what a stove of the Solstice Dragon World would likely look like and how it should operate.
    Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

That’s all folks. Do you stop and search for scraps of knowledge when you realize you’re missing some information? What did you search for this week that you thought was pretty interesting?


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