Saturday, May 27, 2017

A Stab at a Self-interview: Question 6 ~ Standing Stone favorite character

Who is one of your favorite characters from the Standing Stone series?

The Mabra - cryptic old woman
When I starting thinking about my answer to this question, I knew immediately who I would name and had a pretty good idea why I was choosing him. But the more I thought about it, I realized there was a secondary character that was a strong favorite of mine, so I have chosen The Mabra.

Mabra Camlis - The Mabra is a character in book 2, The Shifter Shard. She is an enigma, oddly all knowing and thought to be functionally mad. Or as Master Clepp describes her, "The woman’s a bit odd, but it doesn’t interfere with the running of the orphanage.” 

She is so slow moving and old that she covers only inches with each step causing her guests to have to wait quite some time for her to join them even though she is very much in sight. She compensates for this slowness by yelling at the top of her lungs so that she and anyone there to visit her can carry on a conversation without having to wait for her to be seated. 

“You will come to know that much of me is old, but my lungs continue to feign youth, so I use them for all they are worth! It reduces the boredom of both my guests and myself in the interim of our coming together.” 

She has excellent hearing and a mysterious history. Jahl, one of the three main characters, hopes she can supply necessary information he needs to put things right, but though she's willing to give advice, Jahl perceives it as cryptic and possibly proof of her madness. 

 She sighed, ignoring his rising annoyance. “Even I, the eternal container of all hope, can no longer deny that some things never return.”

I enjoyed working with her character because her limitations were a natural outcome of her age while not interfering with her doing her job. And her desire and faith that she would be reunited with her lost love was as believable as it was impossible.


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