Thursday, July 23, 2015

Pre-order: Two new Students of Jump books ready for pre-order

I've never done a pre-order on my books before, but with two ready to roll out very soon, it seemed like a good idea. So as of yesterday, I have two books set up as pre-orders at Smashwords which will soon distribute them to Kobo, Apple, Barnes & Noble and other eBook sites in the next few days.

It is kind of exciting and daunting at the same time. I am making a promise to have them ready by the date specified. And that adds a level of stress that is different from simply deciding to publish by summer 2015.

A Jump in Time Makes Three is a box set of books 1 thru 3 of the Students of Jump series. It is in final edit. It will be available for pre-order until August 20, 2015. I am also setting it at a nice low early bird price of $4.99. It will move up to its set price of $7.99 after the publish date.

Check out my books page (tab at the top) for a short synopsis for each book.

That's the Trouble with Time is the fourth book in the series Students of Jump. My beta readers have been invaluable. I spent the last two months doing clean up and adding more than 35,000 words to the book leaving it a whopping 109,000 words, my longest book to date. It is priced at $3.99. It will publish August 31, 2015.

Blurb: When a student of jump taking his first solo time traveling assignment meets up with a determined renegade fighting the world government for freedom from oppression, he finds losing his jump unit is just one problem he has to fix, quickly followed by how he can protect his heart from being the next thing he loses, especially when she keeps throwing it back at him.

Cameo appearances by Lumin, Mick, Emily, Misty, and Quixote.

In the mean time during the month of July, all three books currently in the series are enrolled in the Summer/Winter sale at The first book In Times Passed is 100% off while books 2 & 3 are 50% off.
In Times Passed: An accidental inventor of time travel takes his desire for anonymity back 200 years where his struggle to live as an average Joe demands he accept the expectations present at his birth and use them to recreate society and put into motion what he jumped into the past to avoid. Uses Summer/Winter sale coupon to purchase for FREE.


No-time like the Present: The abandoned daughter of a time traveler takes her skill of testing prototypes to their breaking point and applies it to a time jumper sent to check on her. Convincing him he must take her forward in time to demand answers from her father is easier than she expected, but finding herself instrumental in revealing what could bring her father peace and forgiveness will test her determination to refuse him a place in her life.
Use Summer/Winter sale coupon to purchase at 50% off.


Next Time We Meet: Recently trained to travel in time and set to take a honeymoon in the past, an anachronistic building contractor and his quick-witted wife find the leisure life lacks challenge, so they take on locating a missing and notably annoying physitech, placing them in the crosshairs of the kidnapping entity as they jump through time chasing clues both reliable and false. Use Summer/Winter sale coupon to purchase at 50% off.

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