Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A post about the constancy of life and New Years

Blossoms to hold onto.
It is that time of year again when everybody is writing either their New Year resolutions or their accomplishments for the past year. My thought is more along the lines of what is still present, still ongoing. So here is my New Year list post.

  • My Labrador companion Cagney it turns out is not turning ten years old in a few months but in fact is going to be nine for another year. She and I are quite pleased about this turn of events now that she is over me aging her faster than she needs to. 
  • Cagney is still an excellent backwards tap dancer and gives a show every night when I measure out her evening meal. 
  •  I am still working on Book 4 of the Students of Jump series, which appears each day, (though I keep writing more scenes) to still have another 6K of words to get to the end. My book apparently has some Dr. Who Tardis qualities: the inside is larger than one would expect. 
  •  I am still disappointed with the movie version of The Hobbit. Where in heck did this white orc come from and since when was a dwarf the main character of a book titled The Hobbit? 
  •  Don't get me started on Ender's Game. But I still feel the same. Good news: no white orc.
  •  When building a house, everything takes longer than expected, still. Yet the roof is on, windows are in, garage doors are going in as I write and siding is going up. I remind myself daily that I could still be smoothing the concrete in the garage, and suddenly I feel as if we have been moving along quite swimmingly. 
  •  I am still getting older and expect to continue aging in the future 
  •  Teaching has been, is and will continue to be very hard work. Fortunately, students still have the capacity to learn despite their nearly all out effort to avoid this. I get updates a year or two after graduation that show that these kernels of learning take root and remain exponentially active for many years. As of this year, I began teaching my first grand-student. He is a much better student than his mother. Appears kernels imbed themselves in the genes. Who knew? 
  • Creativity still begets creativity. I am testing a theory: One can never run out of creativity. I'll let you know the results, but you have to hang around. I won't make the post until shortly before the end, and I plan to live a very long time. 
  •  There are in fact motor homes that one can be comfortable in. You just might not want to bring along two Labradors and two family members to test the comfort level. 
  •  You should still floss the teeth you want to keep. 
  •  Teenage girls notice teenage boys faster than the speed of light. Boys might be a little bit faster noting girls. Research is still coming in. 
  •  Having to pay bills teaches responsibility. Politeness, consideration, appreciation, timeliness, good work habits and sympathy are also benefits of this experience. Earning grades through one's own personal effort teaches the same lessons. 
  •  A kind word still makes a difference worth noting and is therefore worth giving. 
  •  Still keeping company with the best of writer friends, Marcy Peska and L. A. Hilden. 
  •  Another year with the best man in my life and he assures me he is looking forward to another. 
  • The finest of daughters continues to grow into a woman who will one day also be my best friend. Though I don't look forward to letting go of her girlhood, I am already reaching for her adult hand. 
  •  My daughter's Labrador is still terrified of white floors of any material. She treats them like ice and skates on her curled black nails in a comic lack of control that promises to end with all four legs spread out like Bambi but never happens. It seems an appropriate phobia considering the time of year. 
  •  I expect to continue blogging for another year, and probably longer. 
  •  Based on my current writing projects, I see several years of writing ahead. Theory on creativity appears well supported.

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