Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Computer lap desk lacks frills but has plenty of room for imagination

 Last year's Christmas gift is still one of my favorites.  My daughter gave it to me (via my husband).  She actually saw the item a couple of days before Christmas when she was starting to get worried that she would not get me anything in time.  Ol' hubby told her he had already taken care of it, and she was not to worry.  When he showed her what he had gotten, she wasn't certain it was the best choice.  My girl prefers to buy me jewelry, which I do enjoy. But this time my husband chose well.  He doesn't often, which may be why he wanted my daughter to "give" it to me.

Lap desk.
So what did he give me?  A lap desk, a smooth, kidney-shaped wooden desk that can be used in a motor home, on the couch before the TV, in bed, anywhere your lap shows up and a computer or book or paper and pen has a person wanting a flat surface.  It has two horizontal, tubular beanbag pads running underneath which shape nicely to the contours of one's legs and distribute the weight while keeping the computer away from body-generated heat.  At under $30, a writer cannot complain. Turns out everyone in the household enjoys using it.  I get first dibs, of course, but if I'm not using the desk, chances are someone is.

So if you are still wondering what to get a writer:  a lap desk is not a bad choice, and it just might turn out to be a favorite.  There are fancier ones than mine; however, I am a simple gal, and this one suits me fine.  What handy dandy device have you found that is useful to a writer?  Let's pull together a list that non-writers can use to find just the right thing for the muse-driven mate.


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