Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Created luck has continually amazed me even though I orchestrate it

Many times in my life I have decided it was time to do something and began looking into the steps to make it happen.  And there in the search for how or when or where is the answer as though it was just lurking there waiting for that moment when I looked up.

This happened quite recently when my husband and I decided it was time to replace our old van with a newer vehicle.  (Note: we never buy brand new).  It is not a whim that magically appears in our minds and bang it all comes together.  If you have heard of the word "Grok," created by Grandmaster Heinlein, you'll understand what I mean.  It takes pulling all the threads together and understanding the moment.  Those kinds of epiphanies happen to me on a regular basis -- or rather when I am ready, it happens.

So this past weekend my husband and I went to go look at a vehicle.  We had some cash with us and the title to that old van.  We decided before we went out what our limit was and that our plan was to drive out with the van but return driving another vehicle, newer, stronger, far less warn out (though our van was well cared for, just tired).  Suffice it to say we came home with the Suburban we had left to check out and paid exactly what we planned.

This wasn't a miracle or magic or luck.  My husband searched the local used car dealers and local owner sellers looking for exactly what we wanted.  He warned me two months ago to start siphoning out enough money from our regular checking account to result in a specific sum in the savings account.  I did my part; he did his.  He learned what we could buy for the funds we had, we discussed how far we could push our finances, and I saved and together we avoided purchasing unnecessary things.  Then he searched for a Suburban that fit all the parameters.  So when we headed out the door that day with cash and title in hand and directions to a specific dealer, we had done all the prep we could.  What didn't work out?  Well, we didn't get the color we would have preferred, and it didn't get forty miles to the gallon.  Somethings you have to accept (color) and somethings well, dream big, but don't be unreasonable.  It gets better mileage than the old van, and it will pull heavy things when we decide to pull heavy things.

What does this have to do with writing?   Do your homework. Write, plot, develop, know what you are doing in your story and look into all the possible ways that you can make your dream come true: Smashwords, Amazon, NaNoWriMo, etc.  Do your job and when you have it all together, head out the door with your plan in hand and follow it.  Don't rush into things you are not ready for, but don't sit about hoping it will just happen for you.  All things take time, whether we are taking note of the passage of the moments or not.  So whatever you are desiring:  prepare, plan and proceed.

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