Wednesday, July 24, 2013

If you travel back in time, you better know the rules

PhotoTime Travel has rules, but they vary by user, which is the point of this post.  I have read a lot of time travel novels over the years and gotten into a few strange conversations with my husband. He views me as a sort of armchair specialist in this area.  Well, I do talk a good talk, but in reality, forward or backward, I find it just as confusing as the next person.

  1. You can go back, but everything you do is already done according to the future you are a part of.
  2. You can go back, but everything you do will change what has already occurred in the future you are a part of, so be prepared for huge change.
  3. You can go back but only as an observer because time has a mechanism to keep you from changing anything.
  4. You can go back, but any changes you make will create an alternate universe running alongside the one that was and still is in existence, but you probably won't know that and therefore won't be concerned.  If you are aware of the new universe(s), it will either bother you because you really messed up or make you happy because what changed worked out well for you or those you love.
  5. You can go back, make change, return and live to enjoy it.  But be careful, some things are dependent on other events you altered along the way.
  6. You can go back; it's the return that is tricky.   Good luck with that one. 
  7. You can go back, but avoid running into your self who you might not get along with, may cause serious problems for, might endanger by making people angry at the other you thinking you're her/him, and it just gets crazy from there.
  8.  This is the one my time travel novels are based on:  You can go back, but we all make mistakes and those are the things that just keep tagging along, baggage we have to face because for the time traveler every move is still forward.

Add to my list:  what other time travel rules have you noted while reading or writing the genre?

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