Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tuesday prompt: #18 2013

This is about punctuation control.  A writer must have control of the basic tools of writing.  So this prompt is about being conscious of your sentence structure.  When a person is writing a draft, she should be automatic in handling punctuation and usage and not spending time thinking about where the commas go.  That is for later when a person edits. But in this exercise, you will be aware of sentence structure and proper comma placement. 
  • Search out the rules for the following popular comma uses:  compound sentences, introductory clauses and phrases, direct address, dialogue, and appositive and restrictive clauses and phrases.  
  • Once you have the rules, write a story consciously making sure that each sentence contains at least one of each of the rules.  Be conscious of the punctuation conditions.  Your story won't be great, but what you practice is what you perform.  
You want this to be automatic when you write and at your fingertips when you edit.  Writing is about communication and punctuation ensures that happens cleanly.

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