Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tuesday prompt: #8 2013

Pick out a room in your house or apartment that you would love to remodel.  Imagine the changes you would make.  What different furniture would you prefer, paint scheme, layout, window type?  Think about every detail: baseboard, electrical switches, trim around the doors, what is in the vase of flowers, scent. 

capture the details
When you have the vision clear in your mind, start writing it down.  Be as clear as you can with what the room looks like now and then blast away at it, always maintaining a steady sense of the place.  If necessary, keep your vantage point from one place in the room, i.e., the entrance from the front hall or a corner where most of the room is viewable, even a glimpse of other rooms to add contrast.  Most importantly, don't let your reader get lost in the room. 

This could take a bit of time and writing. When you have it all, go back through and remove everything that is unnecessary to maintaining the overall look. Keep trimming until you have it down to a page of overall change, with enough close detail to set the effect of the room as down to the tiniest point, and enough general description that the room is not centered on details.  Sort of like matching your earrings or cufflinks to the dress or suit you are wearing. No piece sets the tone alone, it all works together.

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