Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My favorite student Christmas gifts

Over the years my students have on occasion brought me Christmas gifts. Now when I taught middle school, I received lots of gifts, mostly tree ornaments, but it was cute. When I moved up to the high school, the gifts dropped off considerably.  That was okay. I don't teach because I get Christmas presents.  But when I do get a gift from a high school student, there is evidence of real thought. These are the best gifts I have received over the years.
  • a compact flashlight that fits easily in my purse: sturdy, bright and very reliable
  • a Barnes & Nobel gift certificate: I bought books
  • a silver spoon key chain (the spoon is bent into a hook that catches on the top edge of my purse which makes it easy to find): teachers have lots of keys, and it's pretty. (Teachers also get lots of key chains, but this one is unique and does not have a teaching slogan on it or some teaching logo)
  • a nail file and clipper.  Teachers have lots of things to catch on their nails
  • small zippered bag.  I use it to hold my ear phones and charger.
  • a slick staple remover that slides under the staple and removes it in one quick move.
We teachers don't mind at all if we don't get any gifts.  But when we do, the ones that were given a little thought connect the student and that gift forever in our minds.  I like to think that twenty years down the road, I am going to reach for my keys, think of Mia and smile at her thoughtfulness.

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