Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What a writer needs along with time to write, redraft and edit:

  • sufficient daily exercise to keep muscle mass and tone up to snuff
  • relaxed meals which don't require a person to determine if ten minutes is enough time to eat adequately
  • time with the people he/she loves, making sure they know they are loved
  • a chance to read a book for fun
  • opportunity to get well
  • some off time with friends, and no time limit
  • less guilt 
  • more sleep
  • a computer that behaves itself and will print when required
  • space on the desktop (one with wooden legs and drawers)
  • a pen that is not running out of ink
  • ideas sooner than just when sitting down to write a post
  • not having to schedule in a chance to brush the dog
  • more than a few minutes to play with his/her child
  • a clean house
  • writer friends
  • readers
  • less work to do after work
  • win a little lottery (a lot would just create new problems)
  • a chance to visit mom and dad
  • not feeling like one must multitask at all times (sleeping and cleaning just don't mix)
What would you add?
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