Wednesday, October 24, 2012

How far will "they" go to increase sales: cold in my head

Have you noticed that tissue boxes have become decorator accents?  I only mention this as I have spent the past three days nearly married to my tissue box due to a cold/flu hybrid determined to leave me bed bound.  I've been free to ponder the workings of the evolution of sales and the degree to which various necessities (yes, I consider the tissue to be a necessity) have taken to increase their profit.  I am on the verge of believing that all these colds are merely the production of some very inventive advertising:  minions (possible students earning money for college anyway they can) out wiping cold germs on any and all frequently touched surfaces.  Herbert's The White Plague comes to mind.  I never will look at paper money the same way after reading that book.
Blurry tissue box.

Okay, I am tired and working with a throbbing headache that has partially convinced me that I am on my way to a sinus infection.  I am following my usual combative measures against the complete overthrow of my sinus system: vitamin C, Cold Ease cherry flavored cough drops every six hours, a Reliv shake twice a day, lots of sleep, and most emphatically, absolutely no grading or lesson planning allowed.

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