Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tuesday prompt: #37 2012

Today you are going to need a little help with this prompt.
  • Locate a bag, one preferably that is not clear, so a paper bag or a solid colored plastic shopping bag.  
  • Now locate a person, someone who has a mischievous nature or quirky way of looking at things would be helpful.  
  • Hand this person the bag and tell them to place something unusual in it.  The item can be as simple as a tiny rolled up piece of paper, a screw that fell out of something and is laying in the corner, a picture, figurine, whatever.  Make it easy on them and leave the room or even the house for a bit so they have time to really look around at what is available. 
  • Once the bag has the object in it, get it back from the person and take it to where you write.  
  • Write about it:  describe it and tell the story of its use or how it was created; or make up how a person felt when they first saw it, or bought it, or gave it away to another person. 

That's your prompt. Get busy.

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