Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Building a positive writing community

When I started on my journey as a writer just one year ago, I decided that I wanted to build slowly.  That is how I build friendships, and mine tend to last.  I want my involvement in writing to be one that carries a positive polish.  So I carry that philosophy into my approach to building a platform and making writing connections. I don't see the positive in the flash-in-the-pan way of doing things.  So I have published my books (two so far at and I have taken part in discussions on Goodreads and this past summer, I began tweeting (which definitely reduced my Goodreads activities).  I have met some writers at both venues that I have built a sense of connection to.  Marcy Peska and L. A. Hilden have been the two that I have recently made friends with.  They are enthusiastic writers and have been most welcoming to me.

Marcy and I have begun a peer feedback process for each other's books.  I cannot explain how exciting it was to find someone to share my exuberance for completing a writing goal and the desire to write well.  Marcy and I have started to tweet #confettitweets to each other as we share our writing achievements.  I don't know about Marcy, but I don't have anyone who understands what it means to write and get to the end of a chapter or a tough go at 2047 words after several hours of typing, rereading, redrafting and sighing.  So getting those #confettitweets and giving them as well has been a treat.  We hope to expand our range of flying confetti to other authors who do their goal dances by themselves before diving back into their creative muse.

L. A. Hilden and I have traded approaches to using time travel in our books, and it is intriguing to talk about why we chose the means we did.  I have already read Hilden's London's Quest (a well-written Regency Romance) and am getting a sneak peak of Marcy's book Magic All Around (a modern lady comes to grips with the magic she never noticed before).  I am fortunate to have met these two talented writers.

Denise Baer is another author and blogger that I have met.  She has begun a Pay It Forward program on her blog meant to showcase indie authors as well as encourage the review of indie author works.  I participated and am happy to find another author who wants to bring positive action to the indie author publishing effort.

Nick Bost is a book reviewer I met on Goodreads.  He regularly reviews books and as a young reviewer with a good sense of what makes a good read, he is making his mark as well.  I have enjoyed talking about the review process with him.

Today, I just wanted to mark my year of publishing by recognizing the fine people I have met during this part of my journey as an author.  I thank each of them for adding to my slow immersion plan of joining this positive writing community.


Nic Bast said...

Hey Eldiee! Great post, I totally agree with you that we should build long lasting friendships and connections with fellow authors, bloggers and whatever else is in the community of books. I'm very glad that I got the chance to chat with you and get some feedback from you aswell. It's been a great ride for me, these first 4 months have been really exciting, sometimes very time consuming aswell but at the end of the day a smile and a swell in the heart can be always found!

L. Darby Gibbs said...

It's great having your visit again. Having that positive community is what gives this whole process heart. Just as you said, "At the end of the day a smile and a swell in the heart can be always found!"