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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Gardens in the Cracks & Other Stories

I double checked everything.  Then I double checked it again.  For extra measure, I rechecked, re-proofread, got more feedback on the cover and did it all again.  My goal was to upload my anthology by the last day of June.  It was ready Monday, so I let it cool a bit.  Then I did all that stuff I already mentioned again. And not five minutes ago, I uploaded it.  I sat watching the spinning convertor symbol work its way through the versions of e-book formats available for my book, then decided not to watch it any longer.  I left for a bit.

Though my first book had made it through the conversion process the first time, I was not feeling cocky enough to think that I would have the same luck with this one. But I still felt surprised when it came up with AutoVetter errors.  A quick check and it turned out to be three tabs I had not removed.  Smashwords is great about this.  It didn't just inform me that I had some errors.  It told me I had tab errors and how to do a quick fix to correct them.  Took me all of 30 seconds to remove them. Then five minutes to re-upload and bingo approved for Smashwords distribution on site (it is pending review for the other markets:  Sony, Apple, Kobo, etc.)  I opened to the home page at Smashwords and there she was!

Gardens in the Cracks & Other Stories
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