Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday Prompt: #20 2012

How about fishing in the Baltic?
I had a friend who was suffering from some medical problems that the doctors were having trouble diagnosing.  After some months, it was suggested she see a psychiatrist to make sure she wasn't causing her difficulties.  She went and was told that what she needed to do was change the color of her hair so she could start with a new outlook on life, and then she would feel better.  I don't think she left the room until she had vented much of her long built-up frustration on the fellow. I am sure she felt much better after that.  Any way it was a wheel chair and a couple months later when she was diagnosed with Lyme Disease and finally given proper treatment.  But that is not the point I am making.

Sometimes a character does go a bit stale.  Try changing something about them.  Add some hidden complexity that did not show until now:  an old interest in poisonous spiders conveniently useful; a tendency to daydream at odd times, say while driving a car; bothersome warts.  Start out with the character you have come to know too well and find some equivalent to changing her hair color.  Either the character will change or the reaction of other characters to her will.  If all else fails, have one character say something stupid to her.

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