Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I am going to sit here and mull this over a bit.

Working in my own backyard.
I've been chatting with another blogger about how to increase traffic on her site. I was looking at her blog, I was noting what I thought was really good about her site.  It is a cleanly laid out blog.  Not too busy and it has a bright feel to it. I read a few of her posts and thought about how she could improve them, what she was probably working to create in her blog.  And I thought of some suggestions I could give her.  In fact, I kept thinking about things I could suggest and realized:  heck, I need to look at my own blog and see what is good about it, what my visitors note when they stop by, and what I hope to create with it.

Over the past few months, I have made changes here and there, added things, determined that my focus is geared to writers, published or comfortably creating without expectation to publish, and I have tried to create a place that will draw and hold attention.  But still, I don't think I have made major inroads in devising a clear sense of purpose or creating a set audience. So in that moment of thinking of another idea for this other blogger, I realized I need to give my own spot more focused attention, more than just posting regularly and following my opening plan. So though I have no ideas for immediate change right now.  I am going to be thinking about change.  And if anyone has suggestions, make a comment. I am interested in what a new eye sees upon arrival at To Begin With....  And I am even more interested in knowing what I could do to improve.

So drop in, stop a while and give me some feedback.

And if you still feel like wandering, go to Nicole's site,  I owe her for making me think more about my own.

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