Sunday, April 29, 2012

Breaking news: Scrapper draft done

Today I completed my draft of "Scrapper."  This is one of the key stories in my anthology Gardens in the Cracks.  Now I have to decide which of the others I should redraft.  I am leaning towards the title story, but may go after one of the shorter pieces as I am getting close to the end of the school year, and that is always a busy time for me and my students.  But the point here is:  Scrapper is drafted and in pretty good shape. 
I approached it in a different manner than I usually do. I wrote the beginning 18,000 words, then wrote the end because I just had it all laid out before me ready to churn out.  I normally write from start to the finish, so this was awkward. But I feel it actually came out better because I was writing when I was passionate about the events happening.  It was just that bridging between the two that was the tough part.  However, I had set a level of writing and that forced me to continue at that level.

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