Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday prompt: 2012 #13

Inspirational frog and teacher.
Write a letter of thanks to the person you hold most responsible for your writing ability.  Explain what that person gave to you that added to who you are as a writer.

My most responsible person was a third grade teacher named Miss Mann.  She was stern, creative, formidable, knowledgeable and caring.  She started out as my first grade reading teacher and then turned up as my third grade classroom teacher.  She taught me to appreciate books and then taught me the desire to write. At the end of my first grade year, she made me promise to write her stories over the summer. She supplied me with her address, and she wrote back each time. She would send her letters written on fanciful writing paper and suggest that I write a story about whatever was pictured on it. I only remember one, a giant green bullfrog whose mouth supplied her writing space.  I don't remember what I wrote, but I do remember what her reply was.  Write another story and be kind to your little brother.  I suspect the frog ate him.

So Miss Mann, wherever you are out there, Thank you for developing my imagination, for being the person I knew would always read what I wrote and tell me to do it again.

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