Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tuesday Prompt: 2012 #10

Write with a strong image in mind.  Let it stay prominent so that it keeps reappearing in different forms, offering new meaning.  Use water or paper or a jumble of wires.

So for example, I'll use sky.

She lay on her back counting stars as they appeared, searching out the steady light of planets, waiting for a new day that would need the night to mature.  The lights of her neighbor's back porch forced her to shield one eye which cut off one side of the horizon, but it left her the inky blackness right up to the fence line, just one more limitation on her future.  Yet the stars still offered her clear skies with just a hint of confusion in a drift of Milky Way, so she imagined a boat load of friends could come by way of the Pleiades, and how could one argue with that.  She sighed and closed her eyes a moment to clear the jangle of thoughts that wanted to crowd out her contemplation of possibilities, and when she opened them, the neighbor's porch light went out.  Before her a vastness spread, and the clean night presented stunning promise in abundance.

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