Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Daily Workout Apps and writing

I am a happier writer when I am fit, but working as a teacher, parenting a teen, wifing a husband, running a household and writing often keep me out of my fitness loop.  However, once February hits, my time seems to be less congested.  I haven't quite figured out why this is, but every year it happens. So here I am about three days early getting back into my fitness routine.

Daily Workout App
The best source of quick fitness I have been able to find came after I got an iPod touch which I have since replaced with an iPhone.  But what I found was an app called Daily Ab Workout by Daniel Miller.  The free version is set up with a 5-minute workout that really works my abs.  I soon found several other Daily Workouts for other muscle groups by the same person and downloaded them all. Combined together, they form a good 20-minute workout and are individually set up to be extended to 7 1.2 minutes and 10 minutes for each workout focus area as I grow in fitness. (I did download the full versions in the end, which gave me a second workout for each and the ability to randomize or customize the workouts.  But the free versions are great.)

When I am fit, I feel good, and I write with more vigor because my mind is sharper. I am pretty happy with myself generally, but when I am fit, I am that bit more confident and comfortable with my self.  So now I am pleasantly sore and feel my muse gaining muscle.

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