Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Writer and novel caught my attention with a door

This is a door, a very old, Swedish church door.
Very recently (and I mean just days ago), I read a sample from a book (The Spirit Thief) by Rachel Aaron on her website.  I really enjoyed what I read and took no time adding the book to my "to read" bookshelf on Goodreads.  Her writing really caught my attention as she quickly created character and interest in just a few pages.  Now I am reshuffling what I want to read next once I finish Pandora's Star and Shades of Grey.  (And for some reason I felt the need to add The Owl Keeper to my lineup of reading now novels, so who knows when I will select another book.)  But The Spirit Thief keeps working its way up the list every time I think back on what I read from the sample.  I love her opening event:  Eli Monpress talks a door into releasing him from prison!

And I am impressed with her as a person, too.  I have read a few of her blogs.  She is personable, knowledgeable without being an "I've got the answers" kind of writer, and humorous.  She takes her writing seriously and writes in a fun manner.  Nice combination.  So I found a new writer to learn from and a new series to read.

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