Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday prompt: 2012 #2

Two birds overlook a lake, near Stockholm
Today's prompt is inspired by Sandra Cisneros.  She wrote an anthology of short stories titled Woman Hollering Creek which had a story called by the same name.  What a fantastic title! I can imagine her coming up with it first and then writing the story about a woman who needed a place to yell out her angst: Urban legend and attendant name resulted.

So your prompt today is to come up with a name for some place, and then write the event/reason that led up to that name being attached.  If you cannot come up with an interesting name, use one of these.  Broke Toe Hollow or Two Bird Lake.

By the way, that book is great.  It makes you wince.  You end up wanting something to holler about because no one should go through life without a reason to scream now and then.

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