Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year, happy publishing

Today started with my usual check in at my blog, at my Smashwords dashboard and at Goodreads.  No one had visited my page, no one had downloaded my book, and I ran short of taking part in Goodreads due to family demands.  And then with this new year winding out before me, I had to stop and rethink where I was about to let my thoughts run off to.  You see, a year ago, I was telling myself that as soon as summer vacation started, I was going to rework the first book in my series of SciFi novels (all unpublished) and check out Kindle and Barnes & Nobel and see about self-publishing an ebook. I was telling myself every day that I was closer to putting my novel out there.

The first week of June, I researched Kindle, then took a look at Barnes & Nobel and on a whim decided to see what else was out there for an author wanting to publish an ebook.  I heard about Smashwords through blogs I read. And that name kept coming up, so I went to the site and looked at what they were offering authors.  I mulled things over for two months, redrafting the entire time.

In August, I finished that redraft, edited, prepared for publication and then uploaded my book to Smashwords, where I decided the best fit for me as an author was.  A year ago, I was not a published author.  This may be only one of three places I call myself one, but it is a place and name I did not have one year ago.  So only 16 people have downloaded the sample of my novel.  I could tell myself, and have, that they did not like my writing or changed their minds and have not even looked at a word I've written, but I can also say, that 16 people who would not have seen it at all, never mind download a sample have had the opportunity.  This blog has been viewed 151 times since I started it in September, and that is 151 times more than last year.

So this year my goal is doubled.  I plan to complete my edit on an anthology of SciFi short fiction and complete my redraft on the second in my Students of Jump series.  I intend to publish them both before this new year is out.  It is possible that the third in the series could be out by the end of the year as well.

So it is a very happy new year.  I wish whoever reads this blog has a goal as fulfilling as mine and gets to see his or hers grow to fruition.  Happy New Year.

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