Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Another Tuesday night writing prompt

Everybody has one of those items in their house that they don't know the purpose of. I once had a slender silver cylinder measuring thingy (received from my husband's family and sold by him at a garage sale) that was also a music box (say 8 inches tall, base included, and 2 inches in diameter).  That is, if you turn the little crank on the round silver bottom, it would play a tinny jingle.  It had marks engraved down the side I believe for measuring portions of a cup.  But if one were to put flour or sugar in it, the powder or grains would filter down into the music box box below through the margins where the silver cylinder and silver base met.  It was definitely silver, tarnished and all.  So the question is what was it used to measure?

Your prompt in all of this is find your strange item and give it a history and a purpose.  Or it you don't have such a thing, give mine a history and a purpose. And share it with me. I would love to know the possibilities behind it.

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