Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Acts of One Person Could Help the Economy

I have always firmly believed that the acts of one person can represent many and can also lead to similar acts.  I recently heard of an individual who worked to build his house entirely of U.S. made products, from nails to wood to windows.  As a result, he proved that one can build a quality and cost effective (the cost was only 1% over what it would have been had he used "cheaper" foreign made materials) home.  In fact, according to the actions of those who worked to emulate him, the all U.S. product home was of superior quality to the standard currently followed by those trying to save money and make a profit.  Find it here:

Just one percent of cost, but a hundred percent of effect to our economy (and increased quality of result): I was flabbergasted and feel certain that there lies our road to recovery.  If every contractor (private or commercial) chose this same process and looked at it as an investment, a small drop in profit to raise our country's economy, what a change they could bring.  And if other companies and individuals followed similar acts of investment, accepting the small cost it would otherwise have been, what effect would we have on our American economy?

If we are a world economy, would not our becoming stabilized lead to other countries stabilizing their own economies.  The acts of one person can lead to many in similar acts. Let's not leave our country in the hands of talking heads.  Let's lead it ourselves out of this economic valley.  Thank you,  Anders Lewendal of Bozeman, Montana.

So this had little to nothing to do with writing, but somewhere the idea is percolating.  One person, one percent, over time, can bring about positive change.  Not a bad story idea, not a bad way to run one's life in general.

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